Business Formation

Charlotte Incorporation Attorney • LLC Lawyer

There are many specific decisions and filings that must be made when starting a new business. The Davidson Law Firm, P.C. is knowledgeable in the many North Carolina business law regulations and is able to ensure that clients comply with these rules when creating a business. For effective assistance, contact Charlotte, North Carolina business law, incorporation and LLC attorney, Dave Davidson.

The Davidson Law Firm, P.C. is a Charlotte business law firm skilled in assisting business clients with the entire process of business planning and organization, including:

  • Determining the appropriate entity type: including limited liability company (LLC), partnership, corporation or other entity.
  • Tax planning: including determining the best entity option and tax planning for future needs. As a Certified Financial Planner®, Dave Davidson is skilled handling complex tax and financial issues.
  • Contract formation: including negotiating and drafting operating agreements, partnership agreements, and other agreements.
  • Business documents: including preparing Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization,creating and filing bylaws, business incorporation documents, and other filings.
  • Business succession planning: including creating family limited partnerships or entities or documents to plan for the succession of a business upon death or retirement.

Quality Incorporation & LLC Services

Charlotte business lawyer, Dave Davidson strives to provide the highest level of efficient legal services and high quality client service to the business community. The firm is able to assist clients with all aspects of business organization and formation so that clients are able to concentrate on the success of the business rather than the legal details.

If you are incorporating a new business, and don't know which business entity to pursue, contact Charlotte business lawyer, Dave Davidson to learn how The Davidson Law Firm can assist you. Call 704-353-3541. We will advise you on whether Incorporation, an LLC or other corporate entity is appropriate for your business model and industry.

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Should you hire a lawyer to help?

Hiring a lawyer offers multiple benefits. First, a lawyer helps you make an educated decision as to how to best proceed in your new business. Getting started on the right foot is important. Second, not all companies and their owners are the same. This is especially true if there are going to be multiple owners or partners. An experienced lawyer can provide guidance and partnership agreements that can help you avoid problems down the road. Third, you establish a relationship with a lawyer who can assist you with legal matters as your business grows. Unlike internet companies, a relationship with a lawyer provides you a valuable resource that you can reach out too and call when something comes up.

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