Below is a list of common mistakes businesses make. These mistakes can cost a business and its owners significant sums if they are not avoided. Call 704-540-5154 today to schedule an appointment to avoid making costly mistakes in your business! Or Contact the Firm and an attorney will be in touch to discuss your company's concerns.

  1. Owners choose wrong business form
  2. Owners choose wrong tax designation
  3. Multiple owners fail to have a partnership/ownership agreement
  4. Not having correct partnership/ownership agreements
  5. Failure to maintain proper records, financial and corporate
  6. Owners fail to have contracts or have contracts reviewed
  7. Failure to pay taxes
  8. Employee issues – discrimination, sexual harassment, non-competition agreements
  9. Violating intellectual property rights of other companies
  10. Failing to have adequate insurance

Do you have one of these mistakes? If so, call The Davidson Law Firm today to arrange an appointment to correct the errors! Don't let common mistakes defeat your company's success! You can also Contact the Firm through this website and an attorney will be in touch to discuss your business concerns!