Estate Administration

If you have a loved one pass, then you may need to probate their estate.  Charlotte NC Probate Lawyer, Dave Davidson, has assisted families, both in North Carolina and families located outside of North Carolina, navigate the North Carolina probate system 
Many people ask what is an estate?  An estate is essentially the totality of deceased’s assets minus liabilities. 
Probate or more formally, estate administration, is the court supervised process of gathering a deceased’s assets, determining what liabilities/debts are outstanding, and paying off the liabilities/debts, and then distributing the deceased’s remaining assets according to a Last Will and Testament or, if there is no Will, according to North Carolina law.  The Davidson Law Firm, a Charlotte Probate Law Firm, has the experience to assist families through the process
The Davidson Law Firm is a Charlotte NC probate law firm that can assist you and your family navigate the Court procedures for probating an estate.

Do You Need A Probate Lawyer?

Do you need a probate lawyer?  Several factors are involved in the answer to this question, but two factors jump to mind - complexity of the estate and willingness to undertake the responsibility to see the process through to the end.  If the deceased's estate is relatively simple, then you may wish to handle the administration of the estate yourself.  But as the estate becomes more complicated - various assets, significant debts, etc. - then you may wish to hire an attorney to guide you through the process. 

Time and willingness is also a factor in determining whether or not you should hire a Charlotte probate attorney.  Unfortunately, estate administration can be time consuming and require lots of leg work to gather and process all the necessary information that must be submitted to the Court.  In today's busy society, many family members do not have the time and/or willingness to undertake all the work that is required.  In these cases, hiring a probate law firm can alleviate some (but not all) the work involved in estate administration.

If your family member's estate is simple, complex or somewhere in the middle, and you do not wish to handle all the details and work involved in probating an estate, call The Davidson Law Firm today at 704-540-5154 to speak with Charlotte, NC probate lawyer Dave Davidson to determine how he can help you!
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Representing Out-of-State Clients

Charlotte probate lawyer, Dave Davidson, has assisted several out-of-state families through Mecklenburg County's estate process when a relative has died in Mecklenburg County.  In today's world, famiy members often reside in different cities and states, which makes it difficult to handle the various details involved with probating an estate.  But with today's technology, we can help our clients with the probate process even though they are not in the same state. 

If you had a relative die in Mecklenburg County and would like local assistance with handling the probate of your deceased relative's estate, please call The Davidson Law Firm!  The Davidson Law Firm, a Charlotte NC estate administration law firm can help!

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