Business Litigation

Representing Businesses and Business Owners

The Davidson Law Firm helps businesses and business owners with a variety of business related disputes.   There are generally two types of disputes businesses and their owners are involved in litigation - breach of contract by a business and a dispute between the owners of a company necessitating the divorce of the owners.

In the first category, many businesses may have a company breach a contract or be the business who has breached the contract.  This business litigation  law firm represents companies in both situations.  As a business owner it is imperative to get ahead of the curve to limit the exposure of the breach.  Sometimes, but not always, a dispute on a contract can be resolved without litigation.  However, if a business dispute cannot be settled without litigation, The Davidson Law Firm can represent your business in the law suit effectively and efficiently.

The Davidson Law Firm also represents business owners who are in a dispute with their fellow business owners.  In a business divorce it is critical that each owner is represented independently as each owner has a different interest in how the divorce should be resolved.  Business divorce law firm, The Davidson Law Firm, has helped many Charlotte NC business owners in these type of business divorces.  Typically these business divorces can be resolved without suing the other owner(s) but if litigation is necessary, the business litigation law firm in Charlotte NC has the skills and experience to represent you in court. 

If you have a business dispute and need a business litigation lawyer, please call The Davidson Law Firm to discuss your business litigation issue!